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Crafting Specialty Bean to Bar Chocolate

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Xoco Specialty Chocolate

Using the best quality ingredients I can source. Taking close care and atention to every step of the chocolate production for creations that meet your love for the food of the gods. Made in Norway and adding Norwegian local flavours to create quality edible art.


Seasonal Chocolate Products


Xoco bars

All the Deliciousness
Why seasonal production only? I create limited batches of carefully handcrafted chocolate using Cacao Beans as a starting point. Matching my chocolate creations to local products: creating exciting flavor contributions with fellow food crafters of the Rogaland region.
This takes time and research to be able to offer you my best selection every season. Art has an emotional power, to me is important to convey a gift of visual art for you to enjoy on each chocolate bar by giving them its own unique design. Award winning bars that are dairy free and vegan friendly.

Xoco spread

Spread the Joy

Are you a fan of of chocolate and hazelnuts spread? Our award winners SPREAD THE JOY will have you on the train to flavortown. A favorite among many of our customers, not to mention my own! Dairy free and vegan friendly products

Update 20.10.2020: Spread the Joy Hazelnuts and Spread the Joy Liquiorice are currently in production hiatus.


Xoco bonbons

Xoco Bonbons

Bonbons are a fresh product. The star of the show are fresh creamy fillings of local fruits and flavors. This is the time of the year when I enjoy creating decandent ganaches to fill in Bean to Bar shiny chocolate shells for you to discover and indulge. my range of bonbons change every year and are available for a short period of time prior to Christmas and Easter times. Dairy free products and vegan friendly


All The Goodness

Take in all that we have to teach at Xoco. We can provide you with the most delicious group events. Learn what is all the fuzz about Specialty Chocolate: experience its nuances and take you on a journey of flavours with delicious food/beverage pairings.


Did you know that...

- The Chocolate we all love comes from a fruit? hence it depends of a worldwide army of farmers, dedicated harvesting and procesing practises.  

- The cultivation of high quality cacao fruit contributes greatly to biodiversity

Learning is power and fun! I will be super happy to share the programs I have available. Send me a Chocolate Tasting enquiry in the form bellow.


This is me

…a cacao worshiper

I have being working with chocolate for 16 years, I am Corina Gimenez, a specialty chocolate maker living in Norway. As a culinary educated and experienced professional, I use all my senses and knowledge to create recipes with exciting flavour combinations: bringing a new twist to the Food of the Gods.


I feel honoured to bring a new trade to the already vibrant culinary life of the Rogaland County in Norway: a place I have being calling home for the past 12 years. My cacao/chocolate knowledge and experience is deeply rooted to my heritage as I grew up in Venezuela. This country is well known for its huge cacao diversity and 500 years of history in cacao harvesting. I have travelled far and wide across cacao plantations to learn first hand their processing practises and the farming life.

Eat Quality Chocolate: see-snap-smell-taste-let it melt and enjoy and you will pick up on a great new hobby: supporting Fine Specialty Chocolate



Xoco forhandler i Norge
Currently my products are not for sale outside Norway.
Only available locally.
Please follow me on social media to get updates about this.
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