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Specialty Chocolate

We offer Specialty Chocolate. Using the best quality ingredients we can possibly source. Taking close care and atention to every step of its production in order to offer a product that not only meets your love for chocolate but it is proudly locally made. Keeping the ancestry tradition of quality artisan chocolate making alive.

Chocolate Products

All the Deliciousness

Why seasonal production only? I create limited batches of carefully handcrafted chocolate using Cacao Beans as an starting point. Matching it to local products: creating exciting contributions with fellow food crafters of the Region.

This takes time and research to be able to offer you my best selection every season.

XOCO bars and bonbons are available for a  limited time throughout the year. Keep yourself updated and get the chance to grab some of these gems by signing up to the form or follow XOCO social media. All links to be found at the bottom of this page.



All The Goodness

Take in all that we have to teach at Xoco. We can provide you with the most delicious group events. Learn what is all the fuzz about Specialty Chocolate: experience its nuances and take on a journey of flavours with delicious food/beverage pairings.

Did you know that: * the Chocolate we all love comes from a fruit? hence it depends of a worldwide army of farmers.  * Harvesting cacao contributes greatly to biodiversity?

Learning is power and fun! I will be super happy to share the programs I have available for you. Send me a Chocolate Tasting enquiry in the form bellow

Spread the Joy

All made in Norway

Are you a fan of of chocolate and hazelnuts spread? Our award winner SPREAD THE JOY will have you on the train to flavortown. A favorite among many of our customers, not to mention my own! Find out where to buy it here


This is me

...a cacao worshiper

Welcome, I am Corina, an specialty chocolate maker based in Norway. As a culinary experienced professional from Venezuela, sourcing fine quality cacao beans to match them to the local scandinavian flavours is my focus. Bringing a new twist to the Food of the Gods and adding an exciting new trade to the already vibrant culinary life of the Rogaland County.


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